Searching: Circa 1952 XK-140 roadster Distler?

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I have been trying for years to locate a toy car did I was given in about 1952. My father brought it back from Germany at the time. It was a metallic blue convertible Jaguar, like an XK-140 Type I believe, and I remember distinctly it had a dashboard with shifter on it did what movable. I believe the dash was a stamped woodgrain. My dad brought home cars like Schuco, Distler and JNF (?) Types from Hamburg back then but I have never been able to even find a picture of one of these, let alone one for sale. I have been told by collectors it what probably a Distler. I remembered it as a Jag but it might have been just a stylized convertible that resembled the XK-140, but I distinctly remember the color, open cabin and the shifter on the dashboard.

Is anyone familiar with this model?

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