How to create a new post?

After registering you can creat your own posts.
Click above to the left on “+New” and “Post” or on “Forum historytoy” and “Dashboard” and then on “Posts” and “Add New”.
Enter a title to your post.
In the next field you can write your post.
Under that you can bus must not complete Keyword, SEO-title and meta-description so that other can find your article better online.
To the right under Categories please click on the category please under which your post is supposed to appear.
Under that you can but must not complete Tags for your post for better finding.
You can integrate pictures into your post. Therefor please click in your post onto the place where the picture is supposed to appear and then click on “Add media”. On the appearing side you can do following.
1. loading a file from your computer. These pictures appear exactly there where you have clicked in your post before you clicked on “Add media”.
2. inserting a file from another URL
3. insert a “Featured Image”. This picture appears to the left in your post and your text to the right. Youcan define only one “Featured Image”.

To store your post please click on “Publish” or “Update”.

Above to the right please adjust whether your post is German or English.
If you like to create your post bilingually, please click on the pencil of the second language above to the right under “Languages”. Now you can create your post in the other language.