Montamax wooden train

Is there anyone who can tell me more about the wooden electrical train that i cot 38 years ago when i was 4? The brand should be Montamax and the driving part is from Lehmann. I remember that i have seen a other one exactly the same so it is not self made. In my search i always com back to Eichhorn and matador but can not find any picture of written word about a train.

Do you know this tin cans on a track toy?

mystery_tin_toyHello! Please see the tin toy at http://wesclark.com/mystery_tin_toy.jpg – the one on the upper shelf, This is from Christmas 1960. As I recalled, it involved little cars racing about. I think it was made of tin. It doesnt seem to be an Technofix or a Marx toy. Does this look familiar to you?

Ive been trying to find a good photo of it for decades! What is this toy, do you know?